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♯  About Good Music  ♯

♯ About Good Music ♯

La musique est une nourriture ... rock, soul, hip-hop, world, classique, jazz, electro, blues, reggae, folk .... Ecoutez de tout pour être équilibrés !

★ Selection March 2016 ★

Publié par Christos sur 6 Mars 2016, 22:33pm

Catégories : #Soundtracks, #Pop - Rock, #Black-Hiphop

★ Selection March 2016 ★

Trombone Shorty - For True (2011) : For true is more than a jazz album, it's an attempt to unite various music genres on their common denominator : the wind instruments. It's a fresh air of new ideas...as groovy, jazzy, funky a New Orleans parade can be !

C.R Avery - Magic Hour Sailor songs (2007) : A magical moment of poetry, blues, spoken word, hip hop beatboxing and rock'n'roll by a one-man band. An under-rated genius, a 21st century mutation of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits or Beck ?!

Clash - Sandinista (1980) : The peak of the Clash was this multi-direction and unclassifiable album. 36 tracks, 6 on each side of the 3 records, flow like a river through rock'n'roll, reggae, jazz, gospel, soul and dub... Essential !

Judgement night soundtrack (1993) : How a soundtrack can be more successfull than a movie ? By making duets between hip hop and metal bands ! The result is amazing, just like the list of all tthe artists that made this cross-over album possible : House of Pain, Run DMC, Faith No More, Slayer, De La Soul, Onyx, Sonic Youth, Cypress Hill, Pearl Jam, Biohazard, Dinosaur Jr, Boo Ya Tribe etc...

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