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♯ About Good Music ♯

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Noel Redding - taken from "are you experienced ?"

Publié par chris sur 11 Août 2014, 20:30pm

Catégories : #Pop - Rock

« …We dosed ourselves frequently with acid – a lot of acid. But as the quality of your trip depends a lot on your physical and mental condition (and the quality of acid), and I was invariably tired, drunk and troubled as well, the trips remained weird. Initially, we liked LSD for the creative space it opened up, the different perspectives it showed us, the fresh slant on a variety of thoughts and pleasures, not to mention the great swirling colours and the physical tingle which made it fun to fuck on. We fell into the habit of taking just a touch to cheer ourselves up and make the hotel room look prettier.

After a while, I found sitting in the bathroom for hours contemplating suicide and/or my navel while watching my face melt in the mirror a bit distressing – educational, but emotionally draining. Sooner or later the surface pleasures are pierced by a multitude of hidden thoughts and feelings demanding attention.

Then come the choices – open your mind or close it, play with the dark side of life or the bright side. These crossroads can present themselves at any time in your life – drugged or not. Though I feel drugs helped in some ways, they hindered me in others as I lost control of them and became rundown physically. Nor did I take time to assimilate the insights gathered or put the bits together. This is asking for it… ».

Noel Redding - taken from "are you experienced ?"
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